Nov. 1st, 2014

mbarker: (BrainUnderRepair)

I think that's a mistake. There's a new movie coming out here in Japan, apparently from Warner Bros.

If I understand correctly, the movie is based on a book called Sasara Saku. In this case, Sasara is a town, and Saku is the woman who has just moved there with her child after her husband died. But apparently from the teasers, his ghost is hanging around, trying to help out by possessing people.

However, the title of the movie is Twilight Sasara Saku. I'm guessing that Warner Bros. is trying to cash in on the Twilight name, but there doesn't seem to be any connection. I mean Twilight was all about teenage love and sparkly vampires, right? I never saw it, but I certainly heard a lot about it. This one is about a single mother and the ghost? I don't see the connection... And I don't see any other reason to call it Twilight.

Of course I'm not in the target audience in any case, but I wish they had just called it Sasara Saku...

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