Jan. 26th, 2015

mbarker: (BrainUnderRepair)
Most of the time, being in Japan doesn't baffle me too much. However, right now I'm fighting a cold, and part of the treatment...

See, I have these little metallic foil packages. Open here, by tearing off the top, use your fingers to spread, and... pour the granules into your mouth and swallow.

My wife says it's easy, everyone knows how to do that! But despite suggestions -- get a sip of water in your mouth first, then pour the granules in, then swallow? Huh? I am still having trouble. At least I have gotten over my first reaction, which was to try to sneeze -- blowing medicine all over. But after swallowing I still find myself with granules in between my teeth, and I am far to likely to chew on them, and they taste terrible.

If you pour it in dry, that's even worse, and of course, if you sip too much liquid, trying to open your mouth to add the medicine can get messy... I don't think my mouth was designed for mixing medicine!

Pills, tablets, capsules, those I can handle without any real problems. But this loose granulated stuff, or the powder that some of the medicines are -- I suppose it does digest easily, but really, why loose?

How do you swallow it?

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