Mar. 3rd, 2015

mbarker: (BrainUnderRepair)

Another TV ad that I think is great.

The ad starts with the camera looking past someone's shoulder at a young man who is peering at a cell phone in his hand. He glances up and asks, "What's the difference between candy crush and candy soda?"

At this point, the camera pulls back, and we see whose shoulder that was. A tall man is kneeling on his white legs on top of the table in front of the young man. On the back of the tall man are translucent wings! From his head, two antenna rise in majestic curves, ending in orange ping-pong balls. His earlobes have dangling florescent green triangles. In one hand, he is holding a white scepter with a large green figure of some indeterminate kind on the upper tip. He looks down at the young man, unsmiling.

The ad then cuts to an animated game screen showing candy bits moving in a maze, and the logo for candy crush soda pops up on the screen.

That kneeling figure with the strange outfit is what makes this commercial. Even after you've seen it a couple times, when it comes on again, you watch for the humor of it.

And now they have at least two variations of the ad also running! In one, the kneeling figure sways a little bit, and his wings move, but he reassures the young man that his wings are moving by themselves. In the other one, he's actually kneeling on the seat across from the young man, with a table in between. I haven't caught what they are saying yet. Apparently they are in a diner or something? It looks like a diner booth, anyway.

Very eye-catching.

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