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Interesting! Have you ever seen a baby planted in the sand? A recent TV show visited New Caledonia, and among other things, showed us a baby planted in the sand. Up to about his waist, I guess, and he was quite happy, waving his arms and smiling, with his legs buried in the sand.

His father explained that the local belief is that putting babies in the sand this way helps them to walk sooner. He showed us how you do it. Dig out a deep hole, stand the naked baby up in the hole against the side, and then pack the sand in around his legs. Keep shoveling until the sand is over his hips, about waist high, and pack it down.

The baby certainly seemed happy, reaching for his father, then waving at things around him.

I guess this is kind of a sand version of those frames with ropes and an oversized plastic pair of shorts for the baby to sit in, with legs dangling below.

I wonder if anyone has looked at whether this really helps babies walk sooner or not?
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