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a.k.a. don't fight

That day, Kitamura was leaving the house, with an envelope in his hands. He told Fumie, "Just in time for the deadline." She fanned herself and looked at the sky as he left. "Another hot day."
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Fumie looked at Shigeru and realized that he was looking past her, and turned to look at the scheduling board. Shigeru said, "I almost forgot! The Kitaro lyrics are due tomorrow, and I still haven't finished it." He stood up. "I'll spend the night down here." He picked up a sketch pad and started into the other room. "Oh, what did you want to talk about?"

Fumie shook her head. "Nothing, really. It doesn't matter right now."

<To be continued>
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a.k.a. what did I say?

Izumi, Fumie's little sister, glared at Fumie and said, "You've been gone for three and a half years, you don't know how it feels anymore." She slid the doors open and ran out of the room.
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The next morning, Fumie came in the door of the shop in the sunshine. Aiko was strapped to her back, and she wore a quilted kimono coat. She called out, cheerfully, "I'm back." There was no answer. She looked around the store. "That's odd. No one here, and the store wide open?" Just then, one of her sisters stepped out and waved to her. Fumie said, "What's going on?" The sister quietly said, "It's Genbee and Takashi..."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. comparisons

Fumie and Shigeru said goodbye to the upstairs guy out in the street. The upstairs guy told them to take care. Fumie handed him a small package, and said, "It's onigiri (rice balls). You can eat them on the train." The upstairs guy pulled a lumpy envelope out of his pocket and said, "Here's the rent. It's really late." Shigeru said, "You don't have to do that. You'll need the money." The upstairs guy shook his head and pushed the envelope into Shigeru's hands. "No, take it. I owe you so much." Then he looked at them and said, "I think good fortune is going to come to you. I'm done with manga, but Shigeru is really an artist." He turned and set off. He had an old-fashioned army surplus backpack, with a little teapot tied underneath it. The teapot wiggled as he walked off.
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She couldn't help comparing this house, with bright curtains, new furniture, and a family laughing together with her house, dark, drafty, and lonely.

<to be continued>
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aka just when everything seemed to be going right...

Fumie looked at Shigeru as he was about to leave for the publishers. She said, "It's our first year anniversary. Please hurry home. I'm making a special dinner tonight."
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Back in the kitchen, Fumie took the cover off cabbage rolls, and tasted the soup. "Ah, just good."

Sirens wailed.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. Foxes crying in the dark?

Fumie is walking in a dark hallway. She stops in front of a door and says, "Is it okay if I come in?" Silence. She goes in, and finds Shigeru sleeping. She picks up the suit coat from the floor and starts to fold it. Then she sees the false arm...
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Next, outside the front door, Shuhei and Kinuyo say goodbye to Shigeru and Fumie. Shigeru has a bundle, while Fumie has her small blue suitcase. Kinuyo looks at the bundle and says, "Put your false arm on. You never know who you're going to meet." Shigeru says he doesn't need it. Then Kinuyo says, "Take care, and be healthy." And she looks at Fumie and says, "Don't forget. Remember everything I told you."

The voiceover says we're off to Tokyo...

To be continued...
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Writing Excuses Season Four Episode Three: How to Manage Your Influences


Key points: we are surrounded by influences, media, people, etc. Being aware of them and conscious of what you select is important. Be conscious of your decisions, what you are doing in your fiction, and why you are doing it. "Create the art you want to create, and then make it good enough that other people like it." There are lots of great things to do, but they don't all belong in your story. Be selective. Readers may know that there is a problem, but it's your job as the author to figure out which knob to turn to fix it, or even if it needs fixing. Consider advice very carefully.
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[Brandon] It's my turn to come up with a writing prompt. I'm going to suggest that you write a story in which you pretend a famous literary figure or historical figure is sitting over your shoulder giving you feedback on it, and you're writing according to what they are telling you to do. So come up with a plot, an outline, and then write your story, pretending that Abraham Lincoln walked in and is telling you feedback as you write. I don't know what that's going to do, but it should be interesting. This has been Writing Excuses that's gone way too long. You're out of excuses and so are we. Thanks for listening.

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