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I was thinking about a little incident that happened a few years back today, and considering how modern technology would have changed things.

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Even if I was on time.

Answering machines and cell phones. Making relatives happy.

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There's an ad showing up on TV here in Japan recently that seems kind of odd to me. See, there's one younger woman, clearly laying down on this star-shaped pillow, talking... with her cell phone plugged into it. Then they cut to an older man, laying on a similar pillow, talking on his cell phone. They're joking, just light talk, but the point is how wonderful these cell phone pillows are. Built-in small speakers and microphone, plugs into your cell phone... and for a short time only, if you sign up with the XYZ cell phone service, you get one free!

I know I'm not a power cell phone user, but... a pillow? So I can lay in bed and talk on the cell phone? Is this really something that people would want enough to switch services to get it?

Why not just get a pillow, and put your cell phone on speaker mode?
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Well, actually... one of the news reports this morning was about a new app for grandpa and grandma. It's from the bus company, out in the rural areas. And what it does is allow grandpa to easily make a reservation -- including the location -- for the new "healthy bus" service. Which is actually small vans, not buses, and some apparently are equipped for wheelchair service.

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Just a little information greases the skids...
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I can't quite decide whether this is a good idea or not. There's a lot of advertising going on about it, at least. See, one of the cell phone companies came up with the idea of offering a small yellow box, with a ring for fastening it, and a tab for pulling. It's intended for children -- fasten it to your school bookbag, and if you think you are in danger, yank the tab!
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Hah! I just saw an ad for a new cell phone here in Japan. Apparently it splits -- into the screen part and the keypad part? So you can put the screen up high and play with the keypad down low (for games, etc.) That's a great idea -- split the monitor from the input. And I predict the next step will be to let it tie into the TV or whatever is nearby, right, so that you can use the bigger monitor if available. Nice...

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