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I was thinking about a little incident that happened a few years back today, and considering how modern technology would have changed things.

an incident from the past... )

Even if I was on time.

Answering machines and cell phones. Making relatives happy.

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Writing Excuses 5.9: Character Arcs with John Brown


Key points: Character arcs are about character's change, growth, learning. Often either as a problem in the plot or to provide a key to unlock the problem in the plot. You can either plan where you want the character to go, or throw an issue at them and see what they learn. Watch for being bored with a character -- often a sign of a failing character arc. Make sure they have highs and lows, pits and dilemmas and tests, learning and decisions.
Down in the pits )
[Dan] Oh, sweet. Well, all right then. Your characters are trapped on an emotionally-responsive roller coaster that mimics their own emotional arc. How do they use that knowledge to escape?
[Brandon] Oh, that's genius. Okay. Man, you just earned your check.
[Dan] Yay!
[Brandon] This has been Writing Excuses. You're out of excuses, now go write.
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Writing Excuses Season Four Episode 24: Random storytelling with James and Julie


Key points: Worldbuilding, but also characters and conflicts. Change and conflict go together. Empathy for a character comes from something bad that you understand and want to see alleviated. Who will the readers want to root for?
random tails? )
[Brandon] OK. Well, excellent. We are out of time. I would like to thank our guest stars. Thank you very much.
[James] You're welcome.
[Julie] Any time.
[Brandon] This is been Writing Excuses. You're out of excuses. Now go write.
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If you haven't found it yet, go over to and take a look around. I noticed today that the very bottom of the page has expanded significantly, with a section called "The Agenda" and a whole slew of categories. Civil rights, defense, economy, education, ethics, family, etc. Take a look -- you may find your interests there. Oh - it was added at the top, too. Right between Learn and American Moment.

And throughout the site, there are opportunities to tell your stories, to make suggestions, to comment. Kind of nice to see. Actually, I think it's a website about the American dream - and that's definitely nice to see.

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