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Writing Excuses Season Three Episode 25: The Business of Writing Comics


Key points: Professional relationships and keep plugging. Don't be afraid to try other things, you need a portfolio more than a specialty. Make your deadlines and be easy to work with. And work hard -- it takes passion and love to break into the comics industry.
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[Howard] I have a writing prompt.
[Dan] Writing prompt? Let's hear it.
[Howard] Our superhero gained his superpowers by writing technical articles for Wired.
[Dan] Excellent. You're out of excuses, now go write.
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Writing Excuses Season Two Episode 32: What Dan Learned Last Year


Key points: being a full-time author is a lot of work. Self-employment means you are a small business owner, taking care of finances, taxes, publicity -- everything. Forums and websites and fans, oh my! Beware editors bearing changes -- that we need tomorrow. Learn to deal with long-term task switching. Get used to working on a schedule, with deadlines.
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[Brandon] Let's wrap this up with a writing prompt from Mister Wells.
[Dan] A writing prompt? All right. I want you to write the first page of a story. Then stop and write the first page of a different story. Then go back and finish the first story.
[Brandon] Part of the fun of these podcasts is listening to us make each other struggle to come up with a writing prompt. This has been Writing Excuses. Join us next week for the last episode of the season.
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Writing Excuses Season Two Episode Four: Viewpoints, Plot Twists, Etc.


A question-and-answer session at Mountain con with Eric James Stone

Key points: advice for balancing work, writing, and other necessities of life? Set aside some time to write each day, treat it as a job, and find a balance that keeps you sane. It's gonna be hard. Deadlines are necessary. Set them, and reward yourself. Plot twists need foreshadowing and smoke and mirrors. Avoid self-description by staring in a mirror, but do sneak in what you can.
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I was looking at my lists of things to work on, and got to wondering. I keep lots of lists, but the key ones are my "To Do's" and "Scheduled Tasks." But maybe I should add a "Round Tuit" list . . .
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There's lots of different ways to slice work into manageable chunks and start chewing on them. But sometimes you need to stop and think about what's falling off the edges. A round tuit, now, maybe that's the way to keep those longterm jobs inching along. I think I'll put that on my todos list for tomorrow :-)

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