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a.k.a. spreading the word

Toyokawa, the Shonen Land editor, and Funayama, the TV producer, sat at the table with Shigeru. Toyokawa said, "We've got a broadcast slot starting October 6." Shigeru said, "Wow, that's really soon." Fumie set tea cups in front of the men, and started to leave. Shigeru waved her into a chair.
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Kurata yelled, "You're bending the page! Be careful." Komine said, "Today of all days, don't make a mistake." Sugai scurried over to his desk.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. memories

Fumie and Izumi, her sister, were washing dishes in the kitchen. Toyokawa, the Shonen Land publisher, and Kitamura, his assistant, stepped into the kitchen. Toyokawa said, "Fumie, excuse me, but I brought some dorayaki." He unwrapped a box and set it on the table. Fumie turned and smiled at them. Then Izumi turned, and gave a bright smile. She introduced herself. Kitamura couldn't seem to take his eyes off her.
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Back in his workroom, Shigeru drew sketches of a new boy's face. Then he darkened the lines on one, and held it up. "Yes. There, that's the new Devil Boy."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. guess who's coming

One morning, Sachiko, Shigeru's brother's wife who was doing accounting for Mizuki Productions, sat with Shigeru and Fumie in the kitchen. Sachiko grumbled, "I hate to say it, but Sugai..." Fumie said, "What happened now?" Sachiko said, "This morning, he dumped a cup of coffee over a page. And the other day? He put a finished package of manga in the trash! If the publisher's assistant hadn't found it, we would have lost a whole job! I mean, is his drawing worth it?" Shigeru said, "Well..."
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This episode ended with bits from the next week, including various people reacting to Devil Boy, a group of people watching the television, and several different groups clapping. The final scene was Fumie on the floor in the kitchen, with Izumi asking her what was wrong...

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. it's not over yet?

Inui told Fumie and Shigeru, "It's a failure." Shigeru tapped the draft sitting on the table. "Can't you take this one?" Inui said, "I can't pay you what it's worth." Shigeru pushed it towards him. "Look, take this one, and I'll do one more." Inui said, "But..." Shigeru said, "I can wrap it up in one more volume. After three volumes, not having any work will be kind of relaxing." He smiled.
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In the entryway, the cosmetics lady said, "Those people have been at Michiko's again." Fumie said, "The manga protesters?" The cosmetic lady nodded. "Yes. I heard they have made some stores close. I don't understand them, bullying people into poverty." Fumie said, "I don't understand either. But I guess Devil Boy doesn't just have problems getting accepted inside his book."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. amusement or compulsion?

Fumie raised her kitchen cleaver and brought it down with a whack. She split the fish head on her cutting board. Then she looked around. Aiko was sitting by the table, watching Shigeru work on a model. He was chuckling as he worked. Fumie said, "Are you helping your father make the Nagata?"
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Later, at the bookstore, Michiko laid out a tableful of food. Kiyo and Taichi looked at Fumie and AIko. Michiko said, "It's only been a little while, and she's changed so much." Fumie laughed. "She eats a lot, and sleeps, too." Michiko said, "Like her father, eh?" They all chuckled. Taichi said, "I've already read Devil Boy." Michiko said, "You've checked it out several times." He laughed. "Yes, it's really good. Complex. You can tell that Mizuki-sensei worked on it, and really put his heart into it. Will there be more?" Fumie said, "Well, there are four more books in this set. And the publisher says if it does well, there will be more after that." Tiachi said, "Wow. So you're really doing well." Fumie said, "Sort of..."

<to be continued>
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aka a home run for the knockout?

Fumie was hanging clothes in the morning sunshine, humming "be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."
Beating the ghost )
The show ended with clips from the upcoming week. Shigeru working on the model. The censors again. Haruko. Shigeru announcing to Fumie that he was going to quit manga. Shigeru's brother angry about something. Shigeru in his army uniform, sweating somewhere. Fumie sneezing on the model.

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