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a.k.a. and the beat goes on

Kinuyo stood in the entryway of the house. Aiko and Yoshiko were in the doorway, with Shigeru and Fumie just inside. Fumie said, "Yamada said her brother would come by and check on you. But..." Kinuyo said, "I'll be fine here. Fumie, take care of yourself, okay? Understand?" Fumie said, "Yes." Shigeru said, "We should go." Kinuyo said, "Fumie? Tell your mother I'm thinking of her?" Fumie said, "Yes."
Some endings aren't, really. )
Shigeru looked at Fumie and said, "Let's go." As they turned and started to walk, he said, "There's so much yet to come." Fumie said, "Yes." They walked on, into the woods along the path, passing by the big twisted tree with its decorations and the red spider lilies blooming everywhere.

The End
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a.k.a. is there a poet in the house?

Late that night, Shigeru, Kinuyo, and Fumie walked into the living room. Shigeru was wearing a suit, carrying a clothing bag that held the tuxedo. Kinuyo said, "Home, at last." Fumie said, "You must be tired." Kinuyo said, "There were so many people to be polite to." Then she clapped Shigeru on the shoulder and said, "Shigeru! A really good party, wasn't it?" Shigeru grunted.
And a few more... )
He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. She reached up and squeezed it. He said, "We'll all go together."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. party time

Mitsuo tapped his pencil on the schedule. "What about July 12? It's a Saturday." Yuichi and Mitsuo sat on one side of the visitors' table, with Shigeru and Yoshiko on the other side. Shigeru and Yuichi nodded. "That sounds good." Fumie brought tea in, and set cups around the table.
sock hop? )
Fumie looked at everyone, and said, "Arigato gozaimasu." (Polite Thank you very much)

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. What if I don't want to?

Kitamura, the former Shonen Land assistant, now a lead editor, looked around at Sugai, Aikawa, Mitsuo, Fumie, and Shigeru. He smiled. "Well, I wasn't going to ask everyone, but I guess... my big favor is, I'd really like to have Kitaro in the weekly magazines, too." Shigeru said, "What about the monthly?" Kitamura smiled. "Both! We'd like Kitaro in the monthly AND weekly magazines. What do you think?"
sunset )
He stood up and started walking into the dark workroom. "Mitsuo? Where are you?"

Fumie said, "I guess we're going to have a party."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. sometimes it's the little things

The neighbor couple talked with Fumie in the store. They handed her a bamboo platter with a whole fish carefully laid out, ready to eat as sashimi. Fumie said, "Oh, thank you so much! That's very generous." The neighbors smiled, and asked, "So how is Genbee?" Fumie said, "He's still very weak." The neighbor said, "Well, I'm sure seeing your face helped him get better."
bits and pieces )
Kitamura sat down again, and looked around. "I... I have a big favor to ask you."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. memories

Fumie was standing in the entryway, with Aiko and Yoshiko. She looked at them and said, "There's food in the refrigerator. Eat what you like." Yoshiko said, "I could skip school and go with you." Fumie shook her head. "What you need to do is make sure Shigeru eats. Don't worry." Aiko said, "Remind Grandpa that he promised to come back to visit. So he has to get well."
at home )
Fumie smiled. "Our life has been like the song." He muttered, "Good?" Fumie said, "Oh, yes." Then she held his hands while he fell asleep.

<to be continued>
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Week 25
pictures, pictures, pictures )
[NOTE: Last episode of Ge-ge-ge no nyobou will be 9/25!]
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a.k.a. perseverance

Aiko lay in her bed, with tears running down her nose and across her lip. She remembered proudly telling her mother that she was finally getting the students to respond. Yoshiko poked her head in through the curtain and said, "Aiko?" Aiko turned over and pulled the blanket over her head.
a challenge... )
This episode ended with many bits from next week. I think they stretched the time for previews from the normal minute to two minutes. Some of the ones I caught included: Fumie in a kimono in front of manga character sketches, saying "Arigato." (thank you). Genbee holding his hands up in prayer. Miyako nodding in the doorway. Aiko and Yoshiko smiling. The two editors -- Toyokawa and Kitamura, from Shonen Land -- in suits with drinks. Fumie and Shigeru standing in the woods. Kanou, the professional woman, in a purple dress. Shigeru and others in funeral suits. Kameda, the pawn shop owner, laughing. Fumie crying. A manga sketch of Kitaro, his eyeball father, the sandthrowing hag, and the ratman. Uraki waving an invitation. Inui and Sanae, Japan's smallest publisher and his wife. Shigeru in a top hat raising a glass of juice. The three wives in the doorway. Taichi laughing. Yuichi and Sachiko. Several others -- it looks like in the last week we're going to see everyone again. And the final bit with Fumie saying, "Always together."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. sometimes getting what we want isn't so good

Fumie was going through cards in the mail. Yoshiko said, "What's all that?" Fumie said, "Fans! There are lots of new fans with the new books." She looked at one, and held it out to Yoshiko. "Read this one." Yoshiko looked at it. "Wow. He's really young, and he's enjoying those old Kitaro books. That's great."
troubles and resistance )
Later, Fumie stood in Shigeru's office. He turned his chair and said, "So what she thought was good turned out to be not so good?" Fumie nodded. He said, "Well, what do we do now?"

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. putting your finger on the important point

Genbee and Shigeru were in the living room, sitting with a large wooden block on small feet between them. The top was inscribed with a matrix of black lines, 19 x 19. A number of small round disks, like buttons, in black and white, sat on the intersections. They were playing Go.
black and white )
Fumie said, "I think if you wanted to, you could work that hard." Yoshiko scratched her head. "Yes, but at what? That's the problem."

<To be continued>
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a.k.a. what a mess!

Laying on her bed, Yoshiko was reading a manga. She said, "Dad's old manga really are funny. What do you think he was like then?" Aiko paused in her studying, remembering Uraki in the coffee shop talking about Shigeru being very poor, and working hard to build the company to make family and employees happy.
just a little arrangement... )
As they were exchanging greetings, Yoshiko leaned over to Fumie and said, "Grandmother timed that really well." Fumie nodded, "Yeah..."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. on your back

Shigeru was looking at large drawings of a kappa and the old woman, sunakake babaa, the sand-throwing hag. He handed the kappa back to Sugai and said, "Maybe a little more detail on that one?" Then he handed the old woman to Aikawa, the other assistant, and said, "Make the background a bit more bold."
filler? )
Yoshiko leaned over and said, "Does not staying long mean dinner?" Fumie winked at her. "Yes, we'll stretch dinner for two more."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. why did I say that?

Fumie lifted a plate with several Japanese cakes on it and said, "Shuhei, I hope you enjoy these cakes." Then she set it down on the small household shrine in the parents' rooms. The shrine was arranged with a picture of Shuhei with black and white ribbons, the small wooden tablet, and the white-wrapped box of ashes on the top step. Below those were a small vase of flowers, a bowl of sand with incense, a Japanese bell sitting on a small pillow, and a candle.
offerings and tensions )
Fumie stood in the kitchen and cleaned carrots. She stared into space as she ran the peeler over them.

<to be continued>

[NOTE: Last episode of Ge-ge-ge no nyobou will be 9/25!]
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Week 24
lots of pictures )
[NOTE: Last episode of Ge-ge-ge no nyobou will be 9/25!]
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a.k.a. applause!

Fumie was knitting by the side of the bed. Shuhei rolled over and said, "Where's my parfait?" Fumie said, "Shuhei?" He blinked and said, "Oh. It was just a dream." Fumie said, "What kind of a dream was it?" Shuhei smiled. "Matsui Sumoko and I were going to have ice cream. But just as I was about to eat the parfait, I woke up." Fumie laughed. "Matsui Sumoko?" Shuhei grinned. "Well, she was quite an actress, you know."
when the curtain falls... )
The episode ended with a bunch of bits. Shigeru laughing. Shigeru playing go with Genbee [go is a game with black and white disks, placed on a square matrix of lines at the crossings], Fumie with a postcard, several groups of people saying "You passed?", Aiko announcing "I'll decide my own way!", the two mothers (Kinuyo and Miyako) talking, Aiko looking at cherryblossoms, Yoshiko brushing something off a visitor, and Miyako telling Fumie "You've worked hard."

<to be continued>

[NOTE: They are starting to surround the show with announcements of the upcoming new show, 9/27. So apparently the last episode of Ge-ge-ge no nyobou will be 9/25!]
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a.k.a. life is like...

Shuhei sat in bed, talking. "Another life, another time...." He looked at Kinuyo sitting at the table beside his bed, and said, "Turn on a little mood music. It makes it easier for me to get the feelings right."
Is he sleeping or... )
Later, Fumie walked into the parents' rooms and said, "Kinuyo? It's time for you to go to the hospital." She glanced at Shuhei. "How is he?" Kinuyo said, "He's sleeping again. He seems to do that a lot now."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. Revelations...

Fumie was polishing the furniture. Kinuyo came in, and said, "Have you seen Shuhei?" Fumie looked at her and said, "He's still not back? It's getting late." Kinuyo said, "I don't know where he is." Fumie said, "Well, I could go look a little..." Kinuyo shook her head. "No, no, you don't need to do that. He has a key, he can come in when he gets here."
and more revelations... )
Yoshiko sat in the kitchen by herself and said, "Her own road? I wonder what my road is..."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. Who knows what?

Uraki was talking to himself in the hallway. "Wouldn't it be funny if that was Strong Stomach's girlfriend? Wow!" Kinuyo said, "What are you talking about?" Uraki jumped and started to run away, but she reached out with her cane and caught his neck in the crook. "Now, you're going to tell me all about it, aren't you?" Uraki shook his head, then grimaced, then nodded. Kinuyo smiled.
Caught in a cane? )
Shuhei turned to her, then back to the men. "No. Well, it isn't what it looks like. There's a reason..." He took a step forward, and crashed to the floor.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. fights and rumors

When Fumie opened the door, Shuhei, Shigeru, and Mitsui were waiting. They all looked at Kinuyo and said, "You were at the police station?" She nodded. And pushed on past, with Yoshiko behind her.
stretching.... )
Shigeru stood up, and grabbed Uraki's shirt. Shigeru pushed Uraki into a corner of the sofa. "You're not going to say anything to the Anger. And if I find out that you've let one word slip into her ear, I'll kill you." Uraki said, "I was just..." Shigeru pulled Uraki off the sofa and pushed him towards the door. "Just get out of here."

<to be continued>

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