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a.k.a. on your back

Shigeru was looking at large drawings of a kappa and the old woman, sunakake babaa, the sand-throwing hag. He handed the kappa back to Sugai and said, "Maybe a little more detail on that one?" Then he handed the old woman to Aikawa, the other assistant, and said, "Make the background a bit more bold."
filler? )
Yoshiko leaned over and said, "Does not staying long mean dinner?" Fumie winked at her. "Yes, we'll stretch dinner for two more."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. in a child's eye

Fumie greeted someone at the door. "Please, come in." Fumie escorted the woman, in a white blouse and beige skirt, through the hallways. Then she showed her into the workroom. "This is the new workroom."
field trip! )
That evening, Fumie was in the kitchen when she heard Shigeru call out, "I'm home!" She looked up, startled, as he came into the kitchen, with a big smile. Fumie said, "What are you doing back already? I thought you were staying overnight." Shigeru grinned. "I couldn't. It was there! I saw it!" Fumie said, "What was there?" Shigeru said, "A mountain spirit, sitting in the river, washing red beans."

<to be continued>
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aka just when everything seemed to be going right...

Fumie looked at Shigeru as he was about to leave for the publishers. She said, "It's our first year anniversary. Please hurry home. I'm making a special dinner tonight."
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Back in the kitchen, Fumie took the cover off cabbage rolls, and tasted the soup. "Ah, just good."

Sirens wailed.

<to be continued>
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aka all's well that ends...not yet?

Michiko, the bookstore owner, sobbed into her apron. Taichi watched her. She said, "I just wanted to worry about someone who is alive." She wiped her face, and said, "I'm sorry. I wanted to act like a parent. But that's not fair to you." Kiyo half-laughed. "Actually, I thought of you as my grandson."

Shigeru said, "I think the drawings are almost finished. Your's will be the last."
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Today's episode ended with a medley of upcoming bits -- Fumie announcing that she wants to work, a hairdresser or similar telling her that she isn't any good, a cute young girl announcing that she left home to work with Shigeru, Fumie saying just talk to me, and Fumie announcing that she can do things, too.

<to be continued...>
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aka Changing times

Shigeru was arguing with Tomita, the publisher. "Tell me the truth! Did you spend the profits from my books?" "Well, no, not..." Okay, pay me, then?" Tomita looked worried. "Well, no, not just right now. Be patient, just a little."
The end of an era )
Somewhere, Sugiura caressed his kamishibai box. He said, "I'm sorry..."

To be continued...
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aka Scary but nostalgic

This episode started with a pen drawing an eye on a manga figure. Shigeru lifted the pen as Fumie commented, "Scary but natsukashii" (brings back fond memories, old-fashioned, nostalgic?) Shigeru said, "What?" Fumie said, "It's what the teenager at the bookstore said." Shigeru nodded, then got up and opened the closet in his workroom. He dragged out the old tin box. Fumie said, "What's that?" As he opened it, he said it was paintings from his childhood. He showed scenery, etc. then pulled out one. "Here it is." He unfolded it to show red devils tormenting a figure. "That's hell." Then he explained (and they showed us a flashback) that his old maid had taken him to a nearby temple one night. She said this picture is heaven and this picture is hell, and the gods decide where you go. He said hell was much more interesting, as the pictures of the devils tormenting figures swelled and twisted.
Memories )
Fumie started to look at her notebook. From outside, someone called in a loud voice, "Excuse me?" Fumie went to answer the door, and looked at the older man standing there with his square bundle on his back. She said, "We don't need any." The man said, "Oh, I'm not a peddler. This is where Mizuki lives, isn't it? I'm an old friend of his." Shigeru came to the door, glanced at the man, and said, "Is it really you?" Then he went over and embraced him.

to be continued...

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