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a.k.a. putting your finger on the important point

Genbee and Shigeru were in the living room, sitting with a large wooden block on small feet between them. The top was inscribed with a matrix of black lines, 19 x 19. A number of small round disks, like buttons, in black and white, sat on the intersections. They were playing Go.
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Fumie said, "I think if you wanted to, you could work that hard." Yoshiko scratched her head. "Yes, but at what? That's the problem."

<To be continued>
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a.k.a. don't fight

That day, Kitamura was leaving the house, with an envelope in his hands. He told Fumie, "Just in time for the deadline." She fanned herself and looked at the sky as he left. "Another hot day."
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Fumie looked at Shigeru and realized that he was looking past her, and turned to look at the scheduling board. Shigeru said, "I almost forgot! The Kitaro lyrics are due tomorrow, and I still haven't finished it." He stood up. "I'll spend the night down here." He picked up a sketch pad and started into the other room. "Oh, what did you want to talk about?"

Fumie shook her head. "Nothing, really. It doesn't matter right now."

<To be continued>
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Short version: there's a kind of clay that is mined in a certain location in Japan for industrial purposes. It is a deposit from over a million years ago. The news story was about the mine, but I wondered about what happens when we run out?
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I wonder why the news person didn't mention it.
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Just a very short peek at a magician here on Japanese TV. He's an older gentleman, but does appear fairly often, and I've got to admit, I enjoy his appearances. I think most of the ones I've seen follow a similar pattern.
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Somehow that "I'm a joke of a magician" followed by a reasonably good trick that he doesn't even notice tickles my funnybone.
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One conversation the other night with our pregnant neighbor surprised me. I had asked how many months along she was, and she said eight months. I looked at her profile and commented that she didn't seem big enough. Then I asked when the baby was due -- and she said mid or late October.
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So I learned that it's better to ask when the baby is due. I wonder if other countries estimate the length of pregnancy differently.
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That was odd. I had just gotten to my office this morning when my cell phone rang. I thought it was probably Mitsuko, and wondered what I had forgotten. So I thumbed the button, and raised it to my ear, saying, "Moshi, moshi." (which is the Japanese "Hello?")
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It's good to start your day with a puzzle, I guess.
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Just a quick note about one quirk that reinforced a lesson for me on our recent trip. See, the hotel had wireless, with a large sign on the desk advertising that it was highspeed. And for the first couple of days, I suffered with it being less than highspeed. But then trying it in the conference rooms, I found that the service was actually pretty good! So I went down to the desk and asked if they could do something about service in the room.

They offered me a bridge - a gadget that plugged into the USB port and the network connection. I was dubious, but tried it. And lo and behold, the network in the room was reasonably fast that way. A bit awkward with this dongle hanging off my tiny portable, but it was only for a few days.

One lesson I drew from this - don't just suffer silently, let people know and ask for help. It's a lesson that I thought I'd learned a while ago, but I still stumble over it every now and then. Usually when I assume that there's nothing that can be done, that this is as good as it gets. And then I find out that there's a better way! Goes along with that aphorism about the squeaky wheel getting greased and so forth, I guess.

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