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Writing Excuses 5.11: Micro-Casting Number Two


Key points:
-- How do you do bad things to your hero character without feeling bad about it?
I do feel their pain.
-- How far into writing a novel should you begin letting others read it for feedback?
When you are finished with the story. Beware of story hijacking.
-- Do the bad things you do to your characters always have to suit the story?
They need to be motivated and properly set up.
-- How do you design frightening monsters?
Take away the eyebrows. Let them do mundane, real things. Keep them in the shadows.
-- How far into the outlining process do you actually start writing?
When I am excited and want to start writing. When I have a good sense of where the story is going, where it needs to end, and more or less how it needs to get there. When it's done.
And lots more words... )
[Brandon] All right. Well. Let's go ahead and go with our writing prompt. I'm going to say Howard, give it to us.
[Howard] You, in an extremely, extremely spur-of-the-moment sort of living-in-the-moment thing have decided that instead of fight club, it's zoo club. And you have just punched an elephant. Hard. What happens next?
[Dan] You get arrested.
[Brandon] All right. This has been Writing Excuses, you're out of excuses...
[Howard] Now go to jail.
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a.k.a. what's missing?

Kinuyo looked at Fumie across the kitchen table and said, "Sudden braking can be dangerous." Fumie frowned and said, "What? What do you mean?" Kinuyo said, "One of the doctors at the hospital told me that the other day." Fumie smiled. "Are you learning to drive?" Kinuyo shook her head. "No, of course not. I was talking about Shigeru. He's been so busy, working so hard for so long. Stopping suddenly like this isn't good for his health." Fumie nodded. "I can see that." Kinuyo smiled at her. "He needs to eat right. So..." Kinuyo set a small package on the table. "I got him some eel. And you can't pay for it, this is my treat."
no brakes? )
Later, Shigeru sat in his office, with a pile of his manga. He pulled them over and read them, page after page. He compared his early work with later work, and looked at them carefully. "What has changed?"

<to be continued>
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A rough translation

ge ge gegege no ge
sleeping in the morning gu-gu-gu
interesting, interesting
monsters don't have school or tests
ge ge gegege no ge
everyone sing gegege no ge

ge ge gegege no ge
lunchtime slowly go for a walk
interesting, interesting
monsters don't have companies or work
ge ge gegege no ge
everyone sing gegege no ge

look closely behind yourself -- look carefully, a monster might be coming!

ge ge gegege no ge
evenings running races in the graveyard
interesting, interesting
monsters don't die or get sick
ge ge gegege no ge
everyone sing gegege no ge
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a.k.a. What have I gotten myself into?

This episode picked up with Fumie looking at the old house and saying, "It can't be true..." Then the driver asked if there was a message for the brother-in-law or sister? She said tell them thanks. Shigeru struggled to open the sliding wooden gate, and they stepped inside. The driver stood by his car, looked at the house, and said to himself, "What a house!"
the neighbors are quiet... )
And back with Shigeru, Fumie timidly peeked through the doors into the work room. "I'm sorry to interrupt..." Shigeru just kept drawing, and she walked in and peeked over his shoulder. A one-eyed monster! She backed up, looking at the monsters on the sheets he has stacked around him. He turned and looked at her over his shoulder.

The voice over told us that Fumie had never seen such monsters before...

And the episode ended with a medley of short upcoming scenes.

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