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a.k.a. wobbly but trying

Shigeru delivered the third volume of Devil Boy to Inui. Standing outside his house, Inui grinned. "Well, I've done it. I talked with the printers last night, and they're going to do it. But..." He pulled both of his pockets out. "There isn't any money left." Shigeru shrugged. "At least we tried." Inui said, "If I get any money, I'll bring it right over."
empty pockets )
Shigeru watched, and laughed. "She's fighting so hard. Wobbly, but she's standing." Fumie smiled at him. "Babies try lots of things when they're learning to walk." Shigeru nodded, slowly. "Yes, you have to try lots of things to walk." He glanced over his shoulder at the business card on his desk.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. How can you live on that?

At the publisher's office, Tomita, the authors, and others involving his company were meeting. Tomita passed out a sheet of paper to each of them with the company financial information. One of the authors looked at it and said, "How can you possibly have no money?" Tomita said, "It's all down there. I paid, and got credit, and spent... there's nothing left. I'm so sorry." He got down on the floor and groveled.
The Ghost of Poverty? )
As Shigeru drew in his workroom, the ghost appeared, again, behind him. As Fumie sewed in the kitchen, the ghost appeared, then winked out of sight as she turned to look.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. bananas and playgrounds

Fumie was looking at pictures on the stereo in her sister's living room. Her sister came in and said, "I'm sorry. Even with a washing machine, washing clothes takes so much time." Fumie asked, "Did you make the pictures?" Her sister laughed. "They're from our vacation. I just glued sand and shells and stones on the frame."
swinging on a breeze? )
Miyako, Fumie's mother, sent a long roll of white cloth. Her letter explained that this was a maternity obi (kind of like a wide sash or cummerband), and she should wrap it snugly around her stomach and wear it for the six months of her pregnancy.

<to be continued>
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Ge-ge-ge no nyobou 5/18
aka Guess who's coming to visit?

Fumie looked at the telegram. The 22nd? That's tomorrow? Coming to Tokyo...

Fumie sat in the coffee shop with her friend from sewing class. "I was surprised to get the telegram saying that you were coming to Tokyo." "Well, my husband had to come, and he invited me, so I've got the day free to visit with you...Say, I don't think you've cut your hair since the wedding. It looks good."
When first we practice to deceive... )
The voiceover said, "An angry Genbee held court in the kitchen."

to be continued...

[Okay, I'll admit -- I think the timeline is skewed here. One episode Shigeru is just meeting a new publisher and using the advance to get goodies, the next episode we've got the new book coming out -- and the father's visit somehow got wound around these two. My guess -- there was a gap between the new publisher and father planning to visit that I didn't catch.]
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aka Fox gold!

The episode started with flashbacks -- a clip of Sugiura caressing the kamishibai box, Fumie saying that she wasn't sure where he went, but he had been asking about pawnshops.
Sometimes there is magic in the world )
The episode ended with a medley of upcoming bits, very fast. Impressions -- there was something about a manga club, Shigeru was signing handouts, Genbee (Fumie's father) was talking, Michiko smiled, Shigeru was sitting in an empty street, and Fumie announced "Manga is what's important!"
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aka Changing times

Shigeru was arguing with Tomita, the publisher. "Tell me the truth! Did you spend the profits from my books?" "Well, no, not..." Okay, pay me, then?" Tomita looked worried. "Well, no, not just right now. Be patient, just a little."
The end of an era )
Somewhere, Sugiura caressed his kamishibai box. He said, "I'm sorry..."

To be continued...
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a.k.a. What have I gotten myself into?

This episode picked up with Fumie looking at the old house and saying, "It can't be true..." Then the driver asked if there was a message for the brother-in-law or sister? She said tell them thanks. Shigeru struggled to open the sliding wooden gate, and they stepped inside. The driver stood by his car, looked at the house, and said to himself, "What a house!"
the neighbors are quiet... )
And back with Shigeru, Fumie timidly peeked through the doors into the work room. "I'm sorry to interrupt..." Shigeru just kept drawing, and she walked in and peeked over his shoulder. A one-eyed monster! She backed up, looking at the monsters on the sheets he has stacked around him. He turned and looked at her over his shoulder.

The voice over told us that Fumie had never seen such monsters before...

And the episode ended with a medley of short upcoming scenes.

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