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Literally: poverty free time lacks
Better: poverty has no free time, poor people have no free time

generally used as a self-deprecating gesture
I'm poor, so I have no free time

(and my friend points out that there is a certain element of pride there, too. I'm so busy -- and undervalued -- that I have no free time)

So... 貧乏暇なし gotta go!
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a.k.a. How can you live on that?

At the publisher's office, Tomita, the authors, and others involving his company were meeting. Tomita passed out a sheet of paper to each of them with the company financial information. One of the authors looked at it and said, "How can you possibly have no money?" Tomita said, "It's all down there. I paid, and got credit, and spent... there's nothing left. I'm so sorry." He got down on the floor and groveled.
The Ghost of Poverty? )
As Shigeru drew in his workroom, the ghost appeared, again, behind him. As Fumie sewed in the kitchen, the ghost appeared, then winked out of sight as she turned to look.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. who can you trust?

Later that year, three volumes of kappa stories had been published. Tomita, the publisher, had paid off on the first one, and the second one. But...
More tales... )
Back at the house, Fumie was knitting. She stopped, and rubbed her bulging stomach. "Oh, you kicked again! You're really healthy."

<to be continued>

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