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a.k.a. better than television?

Fumie was cleaning Aiko's shoes in the garden, humming "there's no place like home." A voice behind her said, "It sure is hot today. Could I get a glass of water?"
A challenge! )
Fumie rode her bicycle up to the house. She stood in the street and looked at it. "400,000 readers? It's a really big chance."

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. is that opportunity or poverty knocking?

Toyokawa, the editor from Shonen Publications, sat in Shigeru's workroom and said, "Really, Sensie, Shonen Land would like you to draw for us." In the kitchen, Fumie gritted her teeth as she watched Shigeru and held onto Uraki. This was their big chance. The sketch of the white ribbon danced in its frame.
An offer you can't refuse? )
Fumie turned and looked. Toyokawa stood there, with his briefcase, a bundle, and his jacket in one arm. He had his shirtsleeves rolled up, and wiped at his face with a handkerchief. His tie was still tied, although it was a bit rumpled. He smiled at Fumie.

<to be continued>

This episode ended with a series of bits from the upcoming week again. Shigeru in a suit, the pawnshop man exclaiming "What?", Toyokawa saying, "We need comics that are more interesting than television." Both sets of parents cheering. Shigeru asleep at his desk, surrounded by piles of sketches.
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a.k.a. opportunity knocking?

Fumie and Haruko sat in the same garden where Fumie had watched Shuhei eating. They had one plate of cakes. Haruko tried one, and sighed. "This is great." Then she looked around, and said, "This is really beautiful. I didn't know this was here." Fumie smiled. "Shigeru and I come out this way on our bicycles sometimes. He likes to take me to the graveyard nearby." Haruko muttered, "That's very different."
behind the door... )
Uraki looked at Toyokawa and Shigeru. He pulled his suit straight, and muttered to Fumie, "I don't think Shigeru can handle this by himself. I had better help." Fumie grabbed his arm and stopped him. She shook her head at him. Then they both stared at the two men sitting in the workroom.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. what are you doing?

Fumie dressed Aiko in her best red dress, and carried her down stairs. Shigeru got up and said, "So you're off to meet my parents?" Fumie put a red cap on Aiko, and nodded. "Yes, they said they wanted to go out with us. Do you think I should take money?" Shigeru said, "Better take it, just in case." Fumie got her purse out, and looked inside. "I could leave..." He shook his head. "No, I'll just be here. You better hurry, though, you don't want to be late." Fumie glanced at the clock, and picked up Aiko. "You're right, we better hurry."

what happened? )
Shuhei looked thoughtful and said, "It is odd, of course. A young girl crying on the chest of a handsome man... maybe she likes him?" Kinuyo said, "Be quiet. We've already finished." She waved at Fumie. Shuhei said, "Oh. Of course." He sat down.

Fumie remembered the picture that fell out of Haruko's pocket before, with Shigeru, Fumie, Aiko, and Haruko in it.

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. mother knows best?

Fumie and the rest watched Michiko driving away. She remembered Michiko meeting her by stopping the purse snatcher who had stolen her purse. She remembered Michiko giving her advice about telling Shigeru that she was pregnant. And she remembered Michiko urging her to keep going. She looked at the departing truck and said, "Thank you. I hope you'll be healthy."
Watch for ghosts! )
The young man said, "But the story is really good." His manager shook his head. "You've tried to sell us three times." The young man said, "And I'll keep trying to sell you. Mizuki Shigeru should be working for us."

<To be continued >

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