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a.k.a. that's it!

Shigeru sat at his worktable with a blank sheet of paper in front of him. He scratched his head. "A manga that is better than television... how can I do that?" He turned his head and looked at the bookshelves. "Where's that ghost of poverty?"
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Just then, Aiko reached up from the side of the table and tried to take a taiyaki. Fumie grabbed her, and said, "Not now, they're talking business. You have to wait." Toyokawa smiled, and picked up a taiyaki and handed it to Aiko.

Shigeru blinked. "Waiting...yes, that's it!"

<to be continued>
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a.k.a. is that opportunity or poverty knocking?

Toyokawa, the editor from Shonen Publications, sat in Shigeru's workroom and said, "Really, Sensie, Shonen Land would like you to draw for us." In the kitchen, Fumie gritted her teeth as she watched Shigeru and held onto Uraki. This was their big chance. The sketch of the white ribbon danced in its frame.
An offer you can't refuse? )
Fumie turned and looked. Toyokawa stood there, with his briefcase, a bundle, and his jacket in one arm. He had his shirtsleeves rolled up, and wiped at his face with a handkerchief. His tie was still tied, although it was a bit rumpled. He smiled at Fumie.

<to be continued>

This episode ended with a series of bits from the upcoming week again. Shigeru in a suit, the pawnshop man exclaiming "What?", Toyokawa saying, "We need comics that are more interesting than television." Both sets of parents cheering. Shigeru asleep at his desk, surrounded by piles of sketches.
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a.k.a. mother knows best?

Fumie and the rest watched Michiko driving away. She remembered Michiko meeting her by stopping the purse snatcher who had stolen her purse. She remembered Michiko giving her advice about telling Shigeru that she was pregnant. And she remembered Michiko urging her to keep going. She looked at the departing truck and said, "Thank you. I hope you'll be healthy."
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The young man said, "But the story is really good." His manager shook his head. "You've tried to sell us three times." The young man said, "And I'll keep trying to sell you. Mizuki Shigeru should be working for us."

<To be continued >
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a.k.a. racing will do that to you

Fumie was sewing on a sewing machine, while Aiko played with cloth nearby. Fumie said, "Don't fold that too much, it's for your uncle's wedding." She thought about Takashi, her younger brother, standing braced in the doorway telling Genbee, her father, that his girlfriend was the most important thing to him. Then she realized that she had run out of cloth.
running out? )
Shigeru looked thoughtful. Then he smiled. "It's inevitable? I never thought that. I love drawing. I can't even think about not doing it. If you love what you're doing, that's enough."

Masashi looked at Uraki. "Humph. If you love what you're doing, that's enough. So do what you love."

<to be continued>
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I'm amused. One of the TV channels here in Japan is trying out a 3D option a few times every day. Since I haven't tracked down whatever is needed, it just shows me two pictures side-by-side.  But I did notice that this bold venture into a new mode of entertainment has chosen to show us . . .

What would you  guess?  Art, perhaps?
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Short version: there's a kind of clay that is mined in a certain location in Japan for industrial purposes. It is a deposit from over a million years ago. The news story was about the mine, but I wondered about what happens when we run out?
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I wonder why the news person didn't mention it.
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I saw a preview -- an ad for an upcoming show -- on Japanese TV today. Apparently they're going to have a young starlet drop in on a teenage girl, look through her wardrobe, and then take her out and buy her a new outfit. Cinderella . . . the consumer version?

What bothered me was that the girl on the ad seemed to be reasonably nicely dressed, her wardrobe didn't seem that bad, and the glimpse of the "after" outfit -- I guess ragged and oversize is stylish? I mean, I think she looked better before :-)

I wonder if she gets to drop a slipper somewhere for "Prince Charming" to try to find her, too.
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Warning! Something will happen in three years . . .
tick-tock )
How much preparation do you provide for people? Hum, America is going all digital, too, isn't it? Have they started the advertising countdown yet?
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Okay. One of the recent shows here was the All-Japan Quiz (or something like that). And among the players, Mitsuko pointed to one woman and said, "OH. That's a man. He's a New Half. You should watch him."
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Mitsuko says this man has been on several shows recently, apparently quite happily laughing with everyone. He's having a lot of fun with gender confusion, and that's okay. Subversive as all get out, but that's the way it should be. Laugh, and then wonder what the fuss was all about.
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Here in Japan, there was a TV special on about Tasha Tudor. She's the author of children's books (Corgiville Fair?) about 90 when the show was made, and lived in the Vermont mountains somewhere. Lots of fun bits about her life, but when they were complimenting her about her habit of carrying flower seed and scattering it, showing a field that she had planted over the years, she protested that she had learned that from Alexander Graham Bell. When the narrator asked what she meant, she smiled and said that Alexander Graham Bell always had a pocket full of Lupin seeds and planted it everywhere he went. And as a close friend of his daughter, she learned to do the same, although she uses other flowers.

Alexander Graham Bell as a "Johnny Appleseed" of flowers. I wonder if that made the official biographies. Fun!
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That rakugo show that I really liked? There was a little teaser on at lunchtime.  7/25, 8 pm, there's going to be a new show. Looked like they are taking the three men -- Sogen, Shiso, and Kosojyaku -- and putting them into a spinoff. Not sure if this is a one night stand or continuing show, but I'm looking forward to it.
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One of the news shows yesterday here in Japan talked about the coming of the iPhones. It was a bit ambivalent -- they talked with a few people who are really looking forward to the iPhone, but they also had a list of five services, such as wanseg (one seg? the ability to watch TV shows) that are typical cell phone services in Japan but apparently are NOT available on the iphone.
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It really is interesting, but my impression from the news coverage was that the iPhone is going to have to work harder to crack the Japanese markets. There is already an existing high level of cell phone service and expectations, and the inconsistencies with those services are not going to be acceptable.
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Huh. Sunday evening, happened to notice something labeled Heroes on at 2ish in the morning (Monday morning really, but listed on Sunday in the channel guide). Since it said it was bilingual, decided to take a chance and record it.

4th episode? Haven't gotten a chance to watch the whole thing yet, but it looks as if it is the US Heroes show that I'd heard about. Channel 10 here in the Nara area. The little piece that I saw was a "previously" catchup bit, except it was such short clips and flashcuts that I found it fairly confusing. Not sure whether I've gotten to the main show yet.

Anyway, it appears that we do have Heroes on a main channel. Strange time, and I have yet to find a reasonable website that refers to it.

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