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a.k.a. what does death mean?

The next morning, Kumiko, the daughter-in-law, and Fumie were in the kitchen washing dishes. Kumiko said, "You don't need to do that. You should get ready to go home." Fumie said, "After I help you clean up." Then she looked at Kumiko and said, "What about the store? Wasn't Takashi still helping?" Kumiko nodded. "Yes, but I think Genbee can take care of it. I'm really more worried about Miyako. Mother doesn't like to admit how much her hands hurt." Then Kumiko shook her head. "Don't worry though, we'll be here, and they'll be okay."
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Fumie turned to the mailbox and got out the mail. She shuffled through it, and stopped. Her eyes grew wide, and she smiled. "Coming here?"

<to be continued>
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aka Scary but nostalgic

This episode started with a pen drawing an eye on a manga figure. Shigeru lifted the pen as Fumie commented, "Scary but natsukashii" (brings back fond memories, old-fashioned, nostalgic?) Shigeru said, "What?" Fumie said, "It's what the teenager at the bookstore said." Shigeru nodded, then got up and opened the closet in his workroom. He dragged out the old tin box. Fumie said, "What's that?" As he opened it, he said it was paintings from his childhood. He showed scenery, etc. then pulled out one. "Here it is." He unfolded it to show red devils tormenting a figure. "That's hell." Then he explained (and they showed us a flashback) that his old maid had taken him to a nearby temple one night. She said this picture is heaven and this picture is hell, and the gods decide where you go. He said hell was much more interesting, as the pictures of the devils tormenting figures swelled and twisted.
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Fumie started to look at her notebook. From outside, someone called in a loud voice, "Excuse me?" Fumie went to answer the door, and looked at the older man standing there with his square bundle on his back. She said, "We don't need any." The man said, "Oh, I'm not a peddler. This is where Mizuki lives, isn't it? I'm an old friend of his." Shigeru came to the door, glanced at the man, and said, "Is it really you?" Then he went over and embraced him.

to be continued...
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Just an odd observation.

LiveJournal has these odd writing prompts. One of the recent ones was "What is your favorite commercial from your childhood? Bonus points if you include a video of it."
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Does everyone have childhood memories of favorite commercials? What do people who grew up outside the Great American television channels have as childhood memories? Is it cultural illiteracy to admit -- or to have to hide -- the fact that you don't have a favorite childhood commercial?

Do you have a favorite childhood commercial? What is it, and why is it a favorite?
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Just a memory. Hope you enjoy it.
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